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Week 17

I wouldn't necessarily say that my use of social media has changed throughout the semester, but I'm definitely more aware of how to utilize its tools for my business. My main social media focus for my business is Instagram but Facebook would come next. I really like that the two are easily linked together so posts can be shared on both as well as that insights are able to be viewed on both. I'm excited to start planning posts once I have content to advertise and items available for purchase.

I plan to post at least five times a week with my initial posts introducing the brand, showing my future customers the process of creating the brand, showcasing how the first collection turned out and different ways to style it, interacting with and posting our favorite customer looks, and giving a few discounts and giveaways to get people excited about T.McGhee!

Throughout this semester there has been a small impact on my business through Facebook. I expect to see much more growth and…

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