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Week 4, Part 1: Design/Branding/Aesthetics

The four sites I decided to analyze in regards to design, branding, and aesthetics were: Penny Juice, Jami Lin, Apple, and Toyota. The first two, Penny Juice and Jami Lin were the two I had some issues with, while Apple and Toyota were more aesthetically pleasing to me.
Penny Juice’s website looks a bit outdated to me which gives it a bit of an unprofessional look. There aren’t very many clickable links and most of the information is on one or two pages. One way to improve this site, in my opinion, would be to add more links to the drop down menu. This would give a more organized feel by breaking up the information into specific, curated categories.
JaminLin’s website has wayyyyyy too much going on. There’s no clear, specific goal of the site which can be confusing to consumers. If you don’t know what to look for, this site could be a bit overwhelming. To improve this website, I would break down all of the different menu bar items into a few specific categories to simplify it and give…

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